Research and development at APOGEPHA

As a specialist in urology, APOGEPHA focuses on the development and improvement of therapies for urological diseases.

Every year, APOGEPHA invests more than 10 percent of its turnover in research and development. The emphasis here is on the innovative development of products.

Our focus is on the area of pharmaceutical development (development of new dosage forms and new medication forms) as well as clinical development. APOGEPHA also relies on scientific cooperation with universities, clinics and companies.

Transformation from pharmaceutical manufacturer to healthcare company

As a partner in urology, APOGEPHA develops new healthcare services that provide solutions to the problems of patients with urological diseases. As a healthcare company, we are working on various digital products towards a holistic approach to urological care. One of the aims is to facilitate better networking between doctor and patient. Questions to the doctor appear spontaneously. Together with partners, patients will be given the opportunity to have questions answered immediately or to discuss them during their next visit to the surgery.

New Products

To expand APOGEPHA's product portfolio, we are evaluating the purchase of products and product groups in the field of urology, as well as cooperation with other companies (co-development). We take good quality products developed abroad and make them available to the German market and its patients through in-licensing. In 2018, APOGEPHA introduced Pivmelam, a product that has been for al long time the only permitted antibiotic in Scandinavia for the treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infections.


APOGEPHA participates in studies on various urological indications in order to further improve treatment in daily practice. We are currently supporting healthcare research by D-UO in the form of research grants in the field of uro-oncology.

Coope­ra­tions with Univer­si­ties

We are working with the TU Dresden, Institute for Organic Chemistry, on a collaborative project. The aim of the project is to synthesise novel benzilic acid compounds with increased M3 selectivity, which are expected to have improved efficacy and reduced side effects for the treatment of OAB. This is a project sponsored by the SAB with EU funding.

Proposals for Cooperation

For research projects and market-oriented development projects in the field of urology – please contact

Career entry at APOGEPHA

in Germany

There is a long tradition of professional supervision by APOGEPHA employees supporting students in their studies or Masters theses. This is currently used primarily by pharmacy students for clinical traineeships and internships. At the same time, we support our internal BA students and trainees. Please direct inquiries to


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We offer jobs in the pharmaceutical industry in the heart of Dresden. All job advertisements and information on working conditions can be found in our career section.