How can I tell if I have BPS?

You can find the signs of a discomfort-causing prostate enlargement here.

When should therapy be started?

The general rule is as early as possible and as necessary. This generally means an IPSS value above 7.

For which patients are herbal prostate medications particularly suitable?

In the early stage of BPS with mild or moderate symptoms and little distress (see also International Prostate Symptoms Score IPSS), phytotherapeutic agents/herbal prostate medications are suitable.

High-dose herbal prostate remedies such as Urol® pros or SabalUNO® are taken as a single daily dose. They are particularly suitable for long-term treatment because they are excellently tolerated.

How can I determine the severity of my prostate symptoms?

The severity of the BPS is assessed by means of the IPSS questionnaire.

Why should men act immediately?

The risk of lasting bladder damage and thus a significant worsening of the overall symptoms is to be expected as the symptoms progress. Therefore appropriate therapy should be started immediately.

Medication or surgery, are those the only options?

No, medication and surgery are no longer the only options for men with BPS. Depending on the symptoms and conditions of the individual patient, various minimally invasive procedures can be used to alleviate prostate problems. However, many of these have not been sufficiently clinically evaluated yet or are suitable only for certain patients.