Frequently asked questions about childhood wetting (urinary incontinence)


Children develop at different rates. As a rule, the maturation of bladder control should be completed by the age of four. Your child should then notice the urge to urinate and be able to voluntarily trigger urination. However, it is often the case that the urge to urinate is felt, but the child is not yet able to control the emptying reflex sufficiently. Only from the age of five does it make sense to treat children who wet themselves. Urotherapy should be the first step. The child should be made aware of how their body (kidneys and bladder) functions. They should fill out a bladder diary and do a toilet training (going to the toilet at regular intervals, relaxed urinating, taking time while urinating). Medication should be considered only if these measures do not help. You can allow your four-year-old son more time for his bladder control to mature. If he is still wetting at the age of five, you should consult a paediatrician or paediatric urologist.

It is important to have your doctor to clarify the cause of bedwetting. The doctor can determine whether it is a lack of the ADH hormone, which is responsible for the nightly restriction of urine production, or a bladder capacity that is too small. Your doctor will suggest a therapy depending on the cause. Before using medication, however, a so-called urotherapy (normalisation of drinking and toilet behaviour) should take place. After that, medication will depend on the cause of bedwetting.

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