The power of plants for an irritable bladder

The complaint is probably triggered by several simultaneous factors, such as hypothermia, psychological problems, inflammation, hormone fluctuations, hormone deficiency and foreign bodies. In addition to exercising the pelvic floor muscles, nature reveals many gentle yet effective ways to relieve the pain:

The goldenrod herb contained in the over-the-counter medication, Urol® flux, has proven its worth with its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect in acute and chronic symptoms of the irritable bladder. It also stimulates kidney activity and helps flush out bacteria and train the bladder muscles.

Cranberries and lingonberries strengthen the bladder. Their active ingredients are contained in the fresh fruits, as well as in natural juices, spreads and teas.

Teas made from birch leaves, bearberry leaves and horsetail prevent irritable bladder symptoms and relieve discomfort. One cup per day is recommended.

Pumpkin seeds are considered the most important bladder aid. A handful of seeds every day, as well as adding them to salads, soups and bread, supports the health of the urinary organs. The tormenting urge to urinate in everyday life can be normalised by engaging in certain behaviour.