Obesity in children: 10 tips for a healthy diet

For a healthy diet, we recommend:

  1. Drink plenty of water, tea, juice spritzers, fruit and vegetable juices together with your child. Your child can also enjoy soups, bread, potatoes, rice, noodles, polenta, unsweetened muesli, cooked vegetables, raw vegetables, salads, pulses and fruit.
  2. The consumption of fruit drinks, nectar, cola, soft drinks, whole milk, drinking yoghurt, sweetened breakfast cereals, cakes, pastries, chips, crisps, olives, nuts and other fatty snacks should be reduced to a minimum.
  3. Avoid children's yoghurt, quark, milk snacks, fish fingers and bread-crumbed meat, and offer sausages, meat, fish, eggs, cream cheese, cheese, milk and quark only in moderation.
  4. Use oils, butter, lard, cream and mayonnaise sparingly.
  5. 'Lite' drinks are superfluous and should not form part of a child's diet
  6. In addition to fresh fruit and vegetables, you can also use frozen vegetables. These are just as valuable as fresh products.
  7. Low-fat yoghurt contains little fat, but often a lot of sugar. Read the package carefully when shopping.
  8. Buy low-fat milk.
  9. Sausages contain many hidden fats. Lean varieties such as boiled ham without fatty edges, poultry sausage and cold roast meats are best.
  10. Cook and fry with vegetable fat rather than animal fat.

This will help your child to lose weight in a balanced way.