Light foods and plenty of liquid – nutrition tips for the summer

  • The higher the thermometer climbs, the more important it is to supply the body with sufficient fluid. It should be around three litres. Dehydration, dizziness and circulatory problems can set in more quickly than expected when sunbathing or exercising in the summer heat. Mineral water, juice spritzers and cold fruit teas are recommended.
  • The body's need for vitamins and trace elements is high in the warm months due to the heat and strong sunlight. For this reason, add lots of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables to your diet: crunchy salads, tomatoes, cucumbers and freshly harvested herbs, healthy berries, melons rich in minerals or antioxidant pineapples are a feast for your body. At the same time, you provide healthy nutrients for your skin, which is particularly endangered in summer by dehydration and burning.
  • High temperatures and humidity weaken your body – your circulation becomes unstable and your tolerance levels are significantly lower than in cooler weather. So keep your fingers away from fatty, heavy or large meals that strain the gastrointestinal tract and make you tired and sluggish. Pamper your organism with light, easily digestible food such as poultry, fish, dairy and vegetarian products.
  • Steamed vegetables, fish and turkey meat can at least partially replace bratwurst or steaks on the barbecue. Mustard and home-made yoghurt-herb sauces are good alternatives to the high-sugar commercially produced barbecue sauces and ketchup. You should also avoid toast and white rolls as much as possible. Dark wholemeal breads or crispbreads are better.