Healthy throughout the summer

Keep your cool: having plenty to drink ensures that the body is cooled from the inside. On hot days, this means up to three litres, preferably water or diluted juices.

Hats on: to prevent sunstroke, you should cover your head. Covering the head is particularly important for small children or people with little hair.

Well coated for sunbathing: It is not only the first sunburn of the season that increases your risk of skin cancer – UV radiation accumulates dangerously over the years. A sun protection factor of at least 15 should be mandatory in summer – whether you're on holiday or just going about your daily life. Protecting your skin with clothing or by staying in the shade is even more effective than sun screen.

Sport, yes, but in moderation! Exercising in cool water is ideal in summer. For everything else: you should generally do sports only in the cool morning and evening hours. Light endurance sports such as cycling and walking are well suited. Whatever you're doing, it is important to drink enough!