Entering the outdoor season

The warm rays of the sun draw us out into the beer gardens, to our terraces, balconies and outdoor pools. But be careful – the air is still cool and we can quickly become cold by wearing clothing that is too light.

You suddenly feel like you constantly have to go to the toilet, but there are only a few drops even though your bladder is full, and sometimes it burns even when you urinate.

At that point, a short-term antibiotic often helps, supported by 'Urol flux' from the pharmacy. The effervescent tablet with goldenrod extract can increase the elimination of water and prevent recurrent infections.

Goldenrod (Latin: Solidago) belongs to the Asteraceae family. You probably know them, with their green stems up to 1 metre long and bright yellow clusters of aster-like miniature flowers. The goldenrod flowers in late summer (July to September) mostly on forest edges, in clearings or glades, i.e., mostly on somewhat chalky, acidic soil.

It serves not only as a beautiful accompaniment to a colourful bouquet of forest and meadow flowers, but is also a very popular and well-known remedy. Containing saponin, bittering substances, inulin and tannin, goldenrod is diuretic, anti-inflammatory and astringent. Exactly what we need for an unpleasant bout of cystitis.