Drinking a lot for a healthy life – how much fluid does the body need?

We need 1.5 to 2 litres of liquid a day. Even more if it's warm outside because, under normal climatic conditions, the body loses 1.2 litres a day alone by breathing, as well as through the skin and excretion. Sweating due to exertion and higher temperatures can easily double or triple this amount. That is why we should drink at least two litres a day.

If you tend to forget this from time to time, you should monitor and even plan your drinking behaviour. Even a slight lack of water can impair concentration and short-term memory and reduce physical performance. Therefore, you should drink regularly throughout the day – preferably still or carbonated water, slightly sweetened with juice or syrup.

Tips for the office or at home:

  • Keep drinks within sight to remind you to drink regularly.
  • Many sips make up a litre: After finishing a phone call or an appointment, or shortly after arriving home – use every little break to take a sip of water.
  • Get a taste for variety: Mix water with juices or syrup, for example. Lime or lemon give water a refreshing kick.