Bladder inflammation in women – what helps?

The cause of uncomplicated cystitis is usually bacteria entering the bladder via the urethra and causing inflammation of the mucous membrane. More than half of all women suffer from this at least once in their life – and more frequently than men. This is because the urethra in women – and thus the path for the bacteria – is shorter. Complicated cystitis can occur if you belong to a certain risk group or if the inflammation passes to the kidneys. This can happen if bacteria continue to ascend into the kidneys via the ureters and cause pyelonephritis. Particularly at risk are those with reduced immunity or with prior kidney damage.

A doctor should always be consulted in the event of complaints. In most cases, antibiotic treatment provides a quick cure. But you can also support the healing process with simple measures, for example:

  • drinking a lot (tea or water) to wash out the bacteria
  • heat (hot water bottle, electric blanket or hot bath) to relieve the pain
  • using the power of plants (e.g., dried herbal remedies such as goldenrod, birch leaves, horsetail or nettle, as well as preparations with bearberry leaves, cranberries or bilberries)