Ability to Prescribe Phytopharmaceuticals

A condition for this is that the doctor has previously prescribed these drugs on a 'green' prescription (or private prescription). Some health insurance companies reimburse only certain therapeutic medicines such as herbal, homoeopathic or anthroposophical medicines. Other health insurers reimburse all OTC (non-prescription) medications, but only in the 12–18 age group (for children up to 12 years, health insurers reimburse the costs of OTC medications anyway as part of standard care).

All health insurance funds have also introduced reimbursement ceilings. This means that the health insurance funds cover the costs of these medications only up to a certain amount.

In addition, many insurers require their policy holders to pay a contribution. Insured persons who wish to receive statutory benefits must submit the prescription and the invoice from the pharmacy to their health insurance fund for reimbursement. For the physician, these regulations are also budget neutral. This therefore makes it easier for them to provide a medical prescription.

(Source: BAH Bundesverband der Arzneimittel-Hersteller e.V.)