50+ and fit – sport and exercise tips for old age

Endurance sports are particularly suitable for keeping physically fit. However, it is important that you consult your GP. They will give you tips on which sport is best for you and how often. The following sports can help keep you vital.

1. Swimming: Swimming is ideal. Movement in the water promotes the body's blood circulation and improves breathing. Swimming regularly benefits the whole body, because swimming strengthens the cardiovascular system. 30 minutes once or twice a week are sufficient to achieve the first positive results. Tip: many swimming pools have specially allocated 50+ sessions, in which you can do your laps undisturbed.

2. Cycling: Cycling can be both practical and enjoyable. Take the time to enjoy nature along beautiful routes in your local area and at the same time do something to stay fit. What's more, cycling is particularly easy on the joints and there is no need for a training regime. Even smaller trips, for example, to the market or to the bakery, will improve your fitness. Cycling strengthens the leg muscles and you will benefit from it in your everyday life. Tip: take some time to explore your local region by bike. You are sure to find one of the 111 well-developed cycle paths in Germany near you.

3. Gymnastics: Gymnastics is also possible at an advanced age. It allows you to stretch and strengthen your muscles and remain flexible. And the fun factor is always present in gymnastic courses: Exercise is much more fun in a group and you get to meet new people at the same time. 4. Hiking: Hiking allows you to increase your endurance and enjoy nature at the same time – this is good for body and soul! People who hike regularly can strengthen their immune system and prevent metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

5. Nordic Walking: It's become increasingly common to hear the clicking of the walking sticks in the parks of big cities or on hiking trails. Nordic Walking is popular with the young and the young at heart. The poles ensure that the upper body also actively participates in the movement sequence during walking. But before you simply start walking, you should take a course with a trained Nordic Walking trainer, because for an optimal training result you need the correct technique. There are also Nordic Walking groups in many towns and neighbourhoods. Join in and enjoy your active time together.