Feasting at Advent despite diabetes

The following applies for a healthy Christmas season with diabetes:

  • As a diabetic, it's best to prepare your own cookies, mulled wine, etc. You can choose the ingredients carefully and modify classic recipes.
  • Use minimal sugar and use artificial sweetener or fructose instead when baking. You can even completely replace the sugar with artificial sweetener in yeast, shortcrust and quark-oil doughs.
  • Use wholemeal flour or darker wheat flour with a higher type number. They contain more vitamins and fibre and cause the blood sugar level to rise more slowly.
  • Avoid ingredients such as honey, syrup, marzipan, sultanas, candied lemon peel, orange peel, dates and figs. These cause an unnecessary increase in your blood sugar. Nuts, almonds and coconut flakes should also be added to the list of ingredients only in moderation because of their high fat content.
  • When preparing mulled wine, replace half of the wine with sugar-free grape juice or fruit tea. As an alternative to the alcoholic variant, a non-alcoholic berry punch is also suitable, which can be quickly made from berry tea, frozen berry mix, currant juice, sweetener and a cinnamon stick.

We wish you a delightful Advent season.