Elderberry – goodness from nature

These berries contain many vitamins, fruit acids, fructose, flavonoids and minerals. They are also diuretic, laxative, can strengthen the immune system and are often used for sciatica and nerve pain.

The flowers can be collected earlier, between May and July, the berries in late summer from August to October. The fresh berries should be processed immediately. They can be dried, for example, to make them last longer. This is best done in the oven at 35 to 40 degrees and with the oven door open. The leaves, e.g., for ointments, can be collected and dried at any time. But be careful! The black berries are slightly poisonous when raw.

Our tip: elderberry juice
2kg elderberries with 200g sugar, boiled down for a good hour and then flavoured with honey and lemon. The juice can be used pure or diluted to quench thirst.